Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update on Ryan Boyette, Sudan, and Nuba Mountains

A few weeks ago I wrote more extensively about the feared genocide in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan (click HERE for that post), and about a warrior for nonviolence who has stayed behind to help Sudanese document the atrocities their own government is committing against them, Ryan Boyette.

 This blog post is an update. 

Let’s just call it straight.  This is a genocide against Black people.  The President of Sudan has been quoted as saying, “the only good Black person is a dead Black person” (the person I heard this from had too much sensitivity to use the N word even in speaking the quote). THE PRESIDENT OF SUDAN HAS POLICIES AND RESOURCES AND IS ACTING TO EXTERMINATE BLACK PEOPLE FROM HIS COUNTRY.  If you think racism is bad in your own community, well, just be  grateful you weren’t born Black in the regions of Sudan where light skinned people of Arabic descent control the government and are harnessing the power of their government on a campaign to ERADICATE the black-skinned people.  

The colored areas in this map are areas where people are targeted for extermination.  The green area on the west side is Darfur, where the U.N. says genocide has been largely accomplished.  The pink area in the center is the Nuba mountains, where the genocide is escalating RIGHT NOW, with 185,000 people displaced from their homes.  The orange part is the portion of Sudan which is ethnically Arabic.


The man who stayed behind is Ryan Boyette.  Risking his own life, he is raising money to raise awareness.  Waging nonviolence (nonviolent direct action) requires that the attention of the world be focused on what is happening, to bring the perpetrators to justice.  Ryan is raising money to give cell phones and small generators to Sudanese, so that they may document what is happening to them. 

In an interview by Greg Metzger (HERE) in October of 2011, Boyette stated:

In village after village, Bashir's forces have been committing atrocities. I have eyewitness accounts of people being pulled from their houses so their throats can be cut in front of their families. Houses were being looted and burned. Thankfully SPLA forces have regained control of many areas, and since July up till now the fighting continues but at least a front line has been established and the door-to-door killings of civilians has ceased for the moment. But there are still ground attacks on the front line every single day.

Ryan then goes on to describe how the bombing of villages from the air has caused people to flee to caves in the mountains, but there is no food there.  Getting daily food and water is a problem, and on a longer term basis, the people are unable to plant crops due to the bombing.

Please watch the video below and, if you are so moved, then go to and lend your support to Ryan. 

Ann Curry in Sudan, February 2012, Disturbing content.

Again, is where to make a donation of any amount to help raise public awareness of this campaign to eradicate Black people from the border between North and South Sudan.

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