Saturday, March 3, 2012

Smack Down the Hate and Fear Drivers in Politics

Democracy cannot fix what ails the world.  Only people can do that.  Democracy is but a tool.  But if we allow democracy and free speech to be misused and abused by those in power, we will lose a vital tool. 
Hear what Michael Higgins, President of Ireland, has to say in response to those whose allegiance is to power rather than to truth, people who incite fear rather than faith.  He specifically names Sarah Palin, but I can think of more.   Can you? 
Michael Higgins v. Michael Graham, in epic smackdown to tea party politics.

What can we do about this?  Let’s just say that democracy, if it is to work, depends on participation by all its citizens, not just on their voting once in awhile.  When was the last time you participated in selection of a candidate for inclusion of their name on the ballot?  When was the last time you made a comment on pending legislation?

The last time I went to a precinct meeting of a polical party, one other person and I sat on a park bench and talked.  That's not how it should be!  Democracy is not a TV, spectator sport!  Those people appearing on TV were placed there by the people attending those precinct meetings!

If you and I are not participating in the game -- if the moral middle has opted out of the system for whatever reason -- then we shouldn’t be surprised when the debate is controlled by the wingnuts!  The sad thing is, if we don't participate, we are dooming our democracy to death by starvation.   

Get Involved!

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