Friday, January 4, 2013

Protect Free Speech

Your signature is needed on a petition to protect free speech.
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You know how you can sometimes switch radio stations and get the exact same programming on the new station? That's because programming and news access is already largely controlled by a very few large corporate conglomerates. They decide what shows will air and when. This means, they also decide what news gets shared, and when.

These powerful corporate interests are always lobbying for more power. Right now, the corporate conglomerates are lobbying the FCC to allow them to control even more news outlets in each single market, leading to not just to economic monopolies but monopolies over your sources of access to information.

However, the heart blood of a democracy is the right and duty of the people to engage in free and unencumbered political speech so that they may adequately debate issues of the day, without fear of censorship.

When large corporate conglomerates control access to the news, they can effectively filter out anything they don't want you to hear. This story for instance.

Or another story -- witness the challenges that the very reputable news agency Al Jazeera is having getting an American syndicate to carry its news. If Americans want to have access to a variety of viewpoints on important issues of the day, they must insist that their news come from a variety of sources and that access to news coverage remain as diversified as possible.

Please, click on the link HERE and sign this petition to help protect our free speech from commercial monopoly.

The pen is often used to symbolize the power of free speech, as expressed through writing. Exercise your power today, by signing this petition.

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