Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival (Full Moon Festival)

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!  The moon is at its largest and brightest for the year. 

Here is a beautiful song where the moon plays a prominent part.

The name of this song is “Moon Hanging Over the West House”

A translation of the words (provided by a reader on the YouTube site) is underneath the video.  My friend who taught me about this song explained to me that the woman is watching the moon and thinking of her husband, knowing that her husband is also watching the same moon and thinking of her. 

In the same way, my friends across the world and I all watch the same moon …


我想中国! 我想念您,我的朋友! 


古筝-月满西楼(演唱:童丽)the lyric is from an ancient poetry written by a famous female poet whose name is Li Qinzhao.

red lotus flower is gradually fading and the bamboo mat is cold because of the autumn will come soon.
take off my robe and drive my boat.
who sends the love letter of my husband to me from the clouds?
the moon is round hanging over the west house and the wild goose will return their homeplace but where is my husband?
the flower fades and the water flows.they are separate just like me and my husband.
same kind of lovesickness but two gloomy mood.
I have no idea to eliminate this sentiment.
down from brow but come into heart soon.


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  1. Unfortunately, this video is blocked in China, because You Tube is blocked in China. :-( I will be emailing my friends in China a link to the video on Tudou, but it can't be embedded from that site unless someone can help me figure out how?


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