Monday, February 22, 2010

Breaking Chains to Free the Mind and Heart

The title of this post refers to comments by to a blog post written on the topic, "Discussing Race With Love," by Cynthia Legette Davis. 

The reader who wrote this comment was referring to the effect that constructive dialogue on the issue of race will have on the hearts and minds of people whose heritage includes racism and its effects.  "Thank you for having the courage to breach this rather difficult subject," said another reader.   

Rather than offering platitudes that racism is "bad," Ms. Legette Davis suggests three specific, positive steps we can do every day, by ourselves to help stop the effects of racism.  Ms. Legette Davis alludes to both an inner dialogue and an outer dialogue. 

What was it that Ms. Legette Davis said to merit such enthusiastic comments?   What are her three, specific suggestions you can apply daily?  Well, read for yourself!  Her blog post can be found HERE.  Enjoy! 



Ms. Legette Davis

Ms. Legette Davis has also written books which may be viewed HERE. Notably, on this topic she has written a book and workbook for individuals and groups entitled, Peace Be Still: Inner Healing for Racial Harmony

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